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The HOOT Bike Gps Tracker at the cutting edge of innovative technologies HOOT Anti-theft GPS Tracker is at the cutting edge of technology, it addresses digital innovation issues in the world of cycling.

* Designed/manufactured in France by engineers and bike enthusiasts

* Mobile app dedicated exclusively to HOOT Trackers

* Miniaturised and very discreet format

* The weight of the miniaturised HOOT Bike Tracker is 60g.

* Geolocation in seconds - accuracy about 0mi 5.468066yd in clear weather

* Real-time notification if vibration or movement. We use an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer

* “Theft” mode that increases the frequency of GPS positions for more accurate detection in the event of flight, to approximately 1 point per minute.

A multi-network e-SIM card connected to the 2G network (GPRS) equips our trackers.
It can connect to several telephone operators, allowing 99% coverage in more than 100 countries covered by the international GPS and GSM network.(coverage)

There are still so-called "white" areas where the 2G network is particularly weak, preventing the tracer from functioning properly: forests, countryside and tunnels are likely to be white zones, which therefore limit the GSM network and the reception of the tracer’s GPS coordinates.

We currently use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), which is the one used by your phone, 2G, 3G or 4G. As well as the GPS network for positions.

We don’t use LoRa or SIgFox networks because their coverage is partial in France and almost non-existent in France. The GSM is quite more energy consuming but available worldwide with very restricted white areas. Moreover it’s a technology mastered and that will evolve with the 5G.

At HOOT we bet that LoRa and SigFox will disappear with the arrival of the 5G and Ltem.

Our antennas are 4G but we are choosing for the moment to keep the 2G because it is the most widespread worldwide. 

Some countries have announced its possible withdrawal, but in several years, they are very rare because many systems use it (lifts, garages, etc.) and it will take years to replace all these systems.

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