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How connect my HOOT tracker via Bluetooth for "Expert" mode

When pairing your HOOT Bile Tracker, in “Expert” mode you also need to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth with the tracker.

  1. Put your tracker in charge and keep its PIN code (entered in the 4° tab of the "My Bikes" section on your app).
  2. Activate Bluetooth in your smartphone settings.
  3. You will see the name of your tracker : select it and enter the PIN code.
  4. Your tracker goes back to the list of nearby devices and you see it as not connected: this is normal. Your tracker is not like a speaker, permanently connected to your Bluetooth.
  5. You can disconnect your tracer from the charge.
  6. You will find after a few minutes on your app in the 4° tab of your "My bikes" section, the name of your smartphone. You are logged in.

In case of movement-vibration :

* If the tracker detects your smartphone, you will not receive notifications because the tracker considers you are close to it and therefore your bike is safe.

* If the tracker does not detect your smartphone, you will be notified within a few minutes by a notification with the last GPS point recorded in the "Map" or "History" tab.

It's the "Tracking" mode.

!Watch out!
The Bluetooth function is blocked if the tracker is not in charge.

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