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Is it “Made in France” ?

The HOOT brand makes the committed choice of “Made in France” for various reasons, the main ones being :

- A logic of human connection with common values with respect for the planet

Manufacturing based on demand, innovation, quality and expertise.

Proximity that enables better quality control and a saving of production and delivery time.

Quality has a price that necessarily generates additional expenses but it’s also the assurance of a robust, resistant finished product and an incomparable finish.

We manufacture the most expensive and technical parts in France, such as the electronic card.

There’s real assembly know-how.

The high-quality packaging and printing; and this for more than half the cost.

The main plant is located in the Aude (11), South of France. This is where our HOOT Bike Trackers go to our distributors.

The technologies developed by HOOT come from French engineers, experts in hardware and software solutions.

The company owns all the necessary technologies and develops all the products.

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