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I don't receive notification

Check which mode is selected : “Standard” or “Expert”?

"Expert" mode

It is normal not to receive notification, even if they are enabled.

You will only receive them if your HOOT Tracker :
      - is subjected to vibration/motion while being out of reach of your Bluetooth.

If you still want to check that everything is working well :

* Put your HOOT Tracker in charge for few moments to check that it supports the charge
Move your phone away from the bike (or the other way around) OR if you can’t, simply turn off the Bluetooth on your smartphone for the test time.
Move your bike with your tracker mounted (make sure you have network).

Ideally handle it outdoors.
* Just 2 to 3 minutes later, a notification will be sent on your phone.
* In the "Map" and "History" tab, you find the last position point of your bike.


* Remember to turn on your Bluetooth.

* Click on your tracker's name in the list of devices in range (if it tells you that it is not connected or that the tracer is not in range: THIS IS NORMAL).

* Check the name is written in the 4° tab of the "Bikes" category on your app.
If after few minutes you do not see the name of your smartphone : Repeat the manipulation one last time.
If this still does not work, remove your tracker from within range: "Forget this device", and repeat the procedure :

Connect my HOOT Bike Tracker via Bluetooth

"Standard" mode

Make sure that notifications are activated. If you move your bike while having network, you should receive alerts.
Feel free to charge your tracker and then renew the handling.

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