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Details on the "Standard" mode

Make sure you select the right mode depending on your usage.

Whatever you decide, your tracker is activated by default and will always be protected.

* « Standard mode ».

You will be notify when your bike is moving. Either it’s you or the wind blowing on your bike.

* Only one question :

-> Disable or enable notifications ?

If you disable notifications, you won’t see them on your mobile’s screen. But the GPS points are still stored on the app.

You can reactive notifications at any time.

* The GPS data is displayed on the « History » tab.

* The « Map » displays the lastest GPS coodinates.

* The « Standard » mode consumes more battery. Because GPS data is sent every 2-3 minutes.

* The tracker doesn’t sleep.

* You’re not using Bluetooth.

Easy to use. You have nothing to do !

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